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Soddy Daisy Food Bank, Inc Details Page

Soddy Daisy Food Bank, Inc

Contact Information
331 Durham Street
Soddy Daisy, TN - 37379
Phone: (423) 760-3489

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  1. 2013-06-10 00:00:00

    I've sat in the local aid office here, wtiiang to be seen and approved for food assistance. It's extremely disturbing what you can witness over a 2 hour period, wtiiang for your name to be called. Mothers (with children in tow) who are obviously wasted you can tell because they reek of alcohol, are stumbling & bumping into things, slurring their words, oblivious to what their kids are doing. Once I witnessed a man go outside and smoke something I could see him from the window directly across from me .it wasn't a cigarette or a joint, as it involved tin foil. Yes right outside the aid office doors. These are just two examples from the other ten-twelve similar occurences that I observed while wtiiang my turn, in a room of maybe fifteen people in line. While I'm not entirely for drug testing before receiving aid, I'm not entirely against it, either on the fence, I guess. It's astonishing what a drug habit can cost financially, so I agree w/the thought that if you can buy drugs, you can afford to buy food, housing, medical services, etc for you and your children. But if you're hooked on drugs, you've gotta get off them before you're ready & able to do what you should. So maybe what would be the most helpful is if there were testing before receiving governmental aid of any kind, they should be prepared to offer immediate help, rehab services for those that test positive, as well? Unfortunately, there's no chance that our gov't will offer anything of the like, as that would undermine the entire drug culture that is totally a form of business' here and actually funds the tax coffers of this country immensely .from the court system to the taxes the rehab centers have to pay for being in business & helping people; to the lawyers & their taxes from their pay for getting drug dealers off and the average offender a lesser sentence; to the pharmaceutical companies & taxes they pay for providing medications' that help people to get & stay off illicit/illegal drugs (IMO it's just another form of addiction), etc., etc., etc.I really like your post, Kim extremely thought provoking & incites much needed introspection, but have to say that I think equating our governmental aid system and help they offer gleaned from the public's tax dollars to Jesus and the Loaves & Fishes story is a bit of a stretch, for me. Jesus was interested in hearts and souls. Our government, most definitely, is not and never will be. What I think we both agree on: Yes there definitely should be more compassion for our fellow human beings. Whether they be in a position to need governmental assistance or not, recognize that you could be them, were your life experiences and circumstances different and led you to that place. Judge others and you invite judgement upon yourself.

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